Freitag, 22. März 2013

Fake und Echt is looking for a store space!

FAKE undEcht  is currently looking for a small empty store in a good location in Berlin for
the temporary FAKE undEcht  Gallery Store in May and June!

The Store will feature NEFERTITI'S Release Party.

©  FAKE undEcht    Foto: Jens Schünemann

We do need about 20 to 25 square meters in a spot with lots of people passing bye.
Possibly Mitte or Kreuzberg.
The space needs to have a shop window and it needs to be clean, as NEFERTITI is a real Queen.

We are very grateful for your hint! Email us at fakeundecht[at]
As a thank you we will give you a signed and dated postcard of NEFERTITI IN HER NEW LOOK on the day of the Release Party.

Thank you very much!
Your FAKE undEcht Team

Who is FAKE undEcht ?
FAKE undEcht  generates and distributes contemporary art products. 
FAKE undEcht  provides a fresh and unconventional approach to classical themes and contemporary phenomena.

FAKE undEcht  was founded by Ute Broenner