Freitag, 17. September 2021

Dialogues - Dialoge

I feel it is high time to rethink what I am "doing" as an artist. The Berlin Art Week is on right now and I take it as an opportunity to see a lot of art and exhibition concepts. Naturally this makes me think of what I am doing as an artist. What makes me special, what distincts my work from other works?

Recently I painted and texted, both as a kind of an automatic process, both as a result of my inner dialogues, of words and pictures that arise.

In March this year, I was encouraged by my Continuum teacher, Beth Pettengill Riley, California, to teach Continuum, a body practice, which addresses the fluidity in our bodies as our vital life force. I am still contemplating on this. So far I practiced Continuum and listened carefully and with fascination what my body had to tell me. Teaching is something else. It means to watch other people's processes.

While I was thinking of how my recent series of oil paintings fits into my body of work, I realized, that all my work is the result of my dialogues with the world, the people I meet and with myself, as someone who interacts with the world. All my work is process and the result of a process I am going through. All my work is a reflection on life and the frictions that come with it.

I produce the oil paints myself. I make them out of pigments and oil, nothing else. The paint is pretty fluid and creamy when I bring it onto the canvas. The fluidity is an essential quality of the way I paint. This has to do with Continuum.

#soulpainting, 100 x 100 cm, pigments in oil on canvas