Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

Vanishing Beauty

Ute Brönner

Vanishing Beauty

Ortsspezifische Rauminstallation für
vom 20. November 2011 bis zum 10. Dezember 2011

Gardens are symbolizing the cycle of life and death.
During the month of November the Berlin based landscape architect and artist Ute Brönner will present this theme inside the online/offline-gallery in Berlin-Mitte.
For the specific site of the window gallery she is going to create a Flower Bed, a typical part of the representative gardens throughout European garden history.
As material she is using red cabbage: organic, ornamental and yet no longer connected to the vital life forces.
Standing in front of the gallery suddenly might feel like standing inside a building rather than outside, overlooking the garden from the window of a dining room.


Stefanie Seidl
10115 Berlin
0173 9888186

Opening hours:
online: 24/7
offline: from outside 24/7, please contact the gallery if you want to visit the site.