Montag, 15. November 2021

On: #soulpaintings, Continuum and ...-isms

Today I had the pleasure tp present my work in front of some dear artist colleagues: some of my older performances, some of my installation work, some recent poetry and my latest series of work #soulpaintings, which I displayed on Instagram so far.

When I had finished my presentation, I addressed the question that arises frequently within myself and within the audience, how my different works are related or better, how the #soulpaintings relate to my body of work.

My answer, which rose quite spontaneouly was: "Soul is what the world will always need. If there is no heart and no soul in this world, it will collapse."


Nothing to add.

Besides: The #soulpaintings arise from within, often through practicing Continuum.  

Continuum to me is a fantastic somatic method to deconstruct and dissolve the cultural body and to detox from the slumbers that come with the adaptation to our society, be it captialistic, paternalistic, ..ic, ...ic, ...ic, ...ic. Don't get me wrong, I am not a cultral pessimist as such, but I do believe, that it is utterly important to rewind from time to time and get back to our pure and culturally unimprinted body as our source, in order to find new answers and to reconnect. Continuum is species inclusive, which means that in the practice itself we touch into our evolutionary ancestry. 

Emilie Conrad, Life on Land: 
“Our organism thrives by seeking new vectors and interactions for sustenance. When thwarted, the organism becomes insular, vulnerable to illness and when our sensory world becomes excessively patterned, responses become habitual, reducing our life force.”

#soulpainting, limnial

pigments in oil on canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021