Sonntag, 26. März 2017

Another Role Model has left the Stage

Many artists have informed and inspired me with their work and personality throughout my life so far.
One whom I can definitely count as a role model has left the stage forever: Trisha Brown.

When I first got to know her work performed on a roof top in NYC (Roof Piece) I was totally enchanted, amazed and convinced by her vision to take dance out of the dance studio into the open space.
She was a pioneer in many ways, also in working with visual artitist and she was definitely one of those artists who kept me believing into my own work.
I saw a piece of hers with ropes on Documenta 12  - Was it Floor of The Forest ? -  and loved it, I think also because it was a life performance with dancers amongst all the other art work, which I recall as being quite brainy.

Farewell, Trisha! I hope you keep on dancing.