Mittwoch, 14. August 2013


.. that is what we do at FAKE and Echt.
We continuously improve and apply changes.

If you came to visit us in the very first days of the ongoing Nefertiti exhibition you will notice some changes already if you come along these days.

Visit us at F A C E, Hufelandstr. 13, 10407 Berlin
(take Tram M 4 from Alexanderplatz, get off Hufelandstraße and you are there!)

graphics by Karin Grote

FAKE und Echt generates and distributes products of contemporary art.
FAKE und Echt provides a fresh and unconventional approach to classical themes and contemporary phenomena
FAKE and Echt is as a contextual gallery store. Its appearance is always a reaction towards the space we are invited to.
FAKE und Echt is a product of contemporary art.
FAKE und Echt was founded by Ute Brönner.